Palm Beach Collection Aromatherapy Diffuser

Palm Beach Collection Aromatherapy Diffuser


Our Aromatherapy Diffuser lifts and calms your home by allowing you to reap the natural benefits of Essential Oils.


Letting out an ultra-fine mist, our Diffuser will add moisture to the air, having the double effect of hydrating your skin and removing odour from the air.

Chemical-free, with up to 6 hours of diffusion time and beautifully designed.

Ultrasonic technology generates an ultra-fine mist that adds moisture to the air.  Automatically switches off when the water level is low. BPA free.


How to use:
Fill up the water reservoir up to the fill line. Add 2-8 drops of 100% pure essential oils, then put the plastic cover back on, and select your time setting. For cleaning and usage tips

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